This is a fan page that supports the insanely underrated anime: BRIGADOON まりんとメラン.


    Where to Watch Brigadoon: Marin to Melan Anime Free Online Streaming

    Want to get started on the series?

    You are able to freely watch the entire series straight from YouTube in these embedded videos down below! (Japanese Dub with English subtitles)

    If these do not seem to be working or gets deleted at any point, feel free to watch Brigadoon: Marin to Melan at AnimeFushigi! Episode 19 at this site can be found here.

    If you want to watch it in in the English dub, Watch it here at EnglishAnimes

    and AnimeStatic!

    And if you’re an international viewer, watch it with Russian subs, Spanish subs or French subs!

    Click here for more information concerning the Japanese dub. Downloads of the entire series can be found at MELAN BLUE!, RealityLapse, and BakaBT.

    Additional downloads can be seen on this post.

    Have fun and make sure to have a packet of tissues somewhere near you!

    Episode 1: “A Light-Blue Encounter”

    Episode 2: “Deep Blue Monomakia”

    Episode 3: “From Dark, Gray Clouds”

    Episode 4: “Searching for the Rainbow”

    Episode 5: “Under the Soda-Colored Sky”

    Episode 6: “The Silver Gray Visitor”

    Episode 7: “The Brilliant Battle”

    Episode 8: “The Night When the Sea Turns Dark Blue”

    Episode 9: “Pink Flight”

    Episode 10: “The Giant Monster’s Brilliance”

    Episode 11: “A Broken Umbrella and the Dark Rain”

    Episode 12: “Fly From the Darkness”

    Episode 13: “The Dark Celestial World”

    Episode 14: “Lost In Colors…”

    Episode 15: “Gorgeous Submaton Color”

    Episode 16: “The Golden Promise”

    Episode 17: “Find the Color of the Future!”

    Episode 18: “Glowing Red”

    Episode 19: “The Ship That Brings Destruction”

    Episode 20: “In the Light of Snow”

    Episode 21: “Eternal Green”

    Episode 22: “Breaking Through the Red-Stained Wall”

    Episode 23: “The Dark Transformation”

    Episode 24: “Translucent Life”

    Episode 25: “Time of the White Pasca”

    Episode 26: “Goodbye…Marine Blue”